Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ahhhh....Pink and Bows

I was dying to get some pink and a hair bow on Mia this morning!  They told us not to rush changing her clothes or giving her a bath right away.  We left her in what she was in for most of the first night.  I will always keep this outfit...long underpants, red sweat pants, beige turtleneck, pink sweater and red shoes.  And yes it is 75 degrees here!  Needless to say she was burning up!

We went back to the Civil Affairs office to get a family photo and have 2 interviews.  Afterwards we went to the supermarket to get some snacks, milk, juice, etc.  We stayed safe with some cereal and cookies that looked familiar!  Get this...you have to buy your bags at checkout!  They asked how many I needed and I didn't know what to say!  We then went back to the island where we are staying.  We had a Subway sandwich and hung out the rest of the day.  I am now listening to Mia laughing and giggling as the boys are playing with her.  Sweet sound!  We have got to get in bed!  Hopefully things will slow down and I'll be able to stay caught up with the blog.  Until then...Goodnight!

Gotcha Day with Mia Lin!!!

Words cannot express the feelings we had today as we saw Mia for the first time!  It all happened so fast.  There were probably 20 families in this room receiving their child today.  Our group, which consisted of us and 2 other families, were told it was our turn and that the Greers were first.  We hurried around to give our cameras to the others to take pictures.  I turned around and was literally staring at Mia and the lady waiting on me to take her!  I was simply going off the few pictures of Mia that we have received, but I knew it was her!  Phillip wasn't even with me yet b/c he was showing another guy how to run the video camera.

Before we left the hotel, we came together as a family and prayed that the Lord would walk ahead of us and prepare Mia for our meeting.  He so answered our prayers!  She did not cry one time and the boys had her laughing within 10 minutes.  I remember telling our small group at church the Sunday before we left that I longed to see her smile and laugh...I just didn't expect to see it so soon!  We were prepared for a rough day, actually a few days, of her adjusting to us and being taken away from everything she knows.  It was just another confirmation that God had her part of our family before she was even born! 

We stayed in the hotel room that night to bond with her.  She had her first bath and then I put her down about 9:00.  She slept until 5:30 and then with me until 7.  She is doing great!  Enjoy a few pics of Gotcha Day.  Thank you all for being patient while we are trying to get some posts on the blog. I had no idea it wouldn't work in China!  Thanks Ryan for helping us out!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coming Soon! Be Patient

The Greers hope to post some pictures and stories soon, but they are facing some technical issues to overcome. Some websites, including Blogger, are not accessible in China. We have some plans to bypass these restrictions and you should see some updates soon!

In the meantime, keep them in your prayers. They get to meet their newest daughter in 4 hours! Praise the Lord!