Friday, December 3, 2010

Some of Mia's 1st...we think!

Well yesterday was a fun day, except our first stop.  We had to take the girls for their medical exam.  It felt like we were in a movie set in the 50's!  There is a nurse in our group and she commented on the nurse's hats...remember the ones they wear strapped around their head?  Those were it!  I really don't know what we accomplished really.  The "exam", if you can call it that, was very basic.  We all have special needs children so you think there may have been some extra test run.  I guess they know we will do that anyway once we get home.

Jocelyn, our rep from CCAI, took our group over to the shopping district.  Everything here seems to be built up because there were so many floors.  It was basically what we consider our mall.  The building we went to and spent most of our time (thanks dads for being patient with the women) was the jewelry, but one store in particular...pearls!  Jocelyn said that  we in the US will pay 7,8,9 and sometimes 10 times what we pay in the States.  I got several gifts for the family for Christmas.  I was worried about Christmas shopping but think I'll at least get most of the adults while we are here!  Payne was starving by this time so we all experienced Chinese McDonald's (1st number 1 for Mia)!  Needless to say I didn't try to eat healthy!  I wasn't sure what I would end up with!  All joking aside it wasn't too bad.  The boys got sweet and sour sauce instead of ranch for dipping though.

Once we got back to the island, we took Mia to the playground (1st number 2 for Mia).  I felt like that overprotective mother.  There were kids everywhere and I was a nervous wreck that she would get knocked down the stairs or pushed off of a slide.  She discovered she likes to slide and then we teeter-tottered (have no idea if I just spelled that right!) with another little Chinese girl.  Fun!

After dinner, we stopped at the water fountain.  I thought she just wanted to watch the water spray, but no she wanted to play IN the water!  I let her lean as far over she could without falling in and splash away (1st number 3 for Mia)!  It was almost bedtime anyway so who cares if she got wet!  She had a blast...and was drenched!  Needless to say, we saw her temper again when we had to make her leave!

She may have done all these things before but my guess is she hasn't.  We are ready for her to experience life as being a kid, and experience it with her!

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