Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have you ever been burdened to pray?

Have you ever had the overwhelming need to pray for someone or something?  It is like the Lord puts a VERY uneasy feeling in your heart and stomach!  I have experienced that this afternoon.  Throughout my morning I have prayed for several friends who are facing some difficult times, some who are injured, my husband who is having to handle some difficult situations at work and my children's behavior.  But as the girls are napping, I was sitting on my bed and felt like God was asking me to pray more!  What about?  I have no idea!  That is hard because you want to pray specifically! 

I just read a blog that was advocating for some children in China who have until tomorrow to find a family!  Maybe it is for them.  Maybe it is for someone who receives some hard news today.  Maybe it is for safety of my family.  I prayed for God's intervention!  If God prompts you to pray, don't ignore His lead!  There is someone who is depending on your faithfulness!  I may never know who I prayed for today, but I trust God does.  Have a great day!


  1. Oh yeah! My personality makes me want to pray specifically, but I suppose that is not necessary. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Isn't it wonderful that the Lord can put that on your heart! You don't even have to know who or why you are praying because He knows! Wonderful!