Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last week in China

Well now that we have been home for a month, I finally sat down to post some pictures of our last week in China with Mia!    We were so ready to get home and get back to a somewhat normal life.  But I have to admit we were dreading the flight.  We didn't start off great.  Our first flight was from Guangzhou to Seoul, Korea and was about 3 hours.  Mia did take a short nap (which is the first plane picture below) but soon after she woke up she started screaming!  I knew something wasn't right.  Yep, my new precious bundle of joy decided it was time for another first...she threw up all over my hands and her shirt!  Don't  you know the poor fellow sitting next to me was thinking, "Why me?"!  After that we all did well (next picture was at the Seoul airport and in 2nd outfit).  It was a very long trip and we were exhausted.  We finally arrived back to Paragould about 1am our time. 

Above are pictures of some of the sites we saw.  We took a day trip with our group to the Buddahist and Chen Temple.  At night we got to go on a cruise down the Pearl River.  It was beautiful to see all the lights and buildings.  The city spent a lot of money improving the city b/c the Asian games (similar to Olympics but for Asian countries only) were held there the week right before we arrived.  The Guangzhou Zoo was also fun, especially for the boys.  The dolphin in the picture is made of all flowers! 

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